The System

The patented Ecoplay-system leads to substantial savings on usage of drinking water for households in cities up to 30%.

Example: An average (Dutch) household consists of 2,8 persons and consumes 140.000 liters of drinking water yearly (source: Statistics drinking water usage 2008). The Ecoplay-sytem reduces this consumption potentially with 42.000 liters. So, Ecoplay reduces the consumption of drinking water from 140.000 to about 98.000 liters!

If all the Dutch should flush their toilets with bath and shower water it would save a whole lake. (Churchill)

Bath and shower water is collected and cleaned

The Ecoplay-system collects the water from bath and shower. It is subsequently cleaned: the heavier particles sink to the bottom of the holding tank, while the liter particles are scooped from the upper surface. In this way remnants of soap and hairs are removed. The cleaned water is stored in a storage tank. With this water toilets on all stories in the home can be flushed.

Integrated energy saving

The integrated heat exchanger (patent pending) handles the reuse of heat from the used shower water, to heat up the new water. Gastec-measuring has indicated a saving of over 50%, which renders a substantial saving on energy cost. The heat exchanger does not only save on energy cost, but also contributes to reduction of the EPC (Dutch index that indicates the energy efficiency of new buildings).

Fresh flush water

Bath water can cause unpleasant odor after some time. To prevent this from occurring the Ecoplay-system has a microprocessor (Ecoplay Control Unit, or ECU) that monitors the ageing of the stored reusable water. Before the time lapse reaches a preset value, the stored water is discarded and replaced by fresh (drinking) water from the regular supply.

Always sufficient flush water

The ECU assures that there is always a sufficient availability of flush water for the toilets. If necessary, the stored water is supplemented by fresh water from the regular supply.

Low maintenance

The Ecoplay-system is virtually maintenance free. The availability of water is monitored by the ECU and refreshed as necessary, based on the usage of water by the members of the household. Should a defect occur in the system, the main module can be easily replaced.

Built-in safety

If the power supply fails, the Ecoplay-system will automatically discard the stored water, to prevent it from ageing.
The chances of power failure are next to zero. If it does occur, the ECU will diagnose the situation and assist in remedying the problem.

Meets regulatory requirements

The Ecoplay-system meets international standards and regulations, and is amongst others KIWA-approved.
This means the system can be installed freely in homes.

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