What are the benefits?

  • Households in cities can save 30% of drinking water
  • A cost-effective way to meet The Code for Sustainable Homes requirements
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to install with a minimum of additional site work
  • Suitable for single-storey and duplex projects – new-build or renovation
  • Aids planning permission in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Saves energy (5% EPC rating)
  • Increases property value
  • Reduces drainage by up to 30%
  • Compatible with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)


Source: Waterwise, UK

Up to 30 % savings on water usage

By the Ecoplay system the toilet is no longer flushed with clean tapwater, but with cleaned shower and bath water. This saves up to 30% on drinking water usage.

Energy savings while you take a shower

Thanks to the integrated shower heat exchanger the Ecoplay system saves considerably on energy usage. By reclaiming the heat from shower water, the system returns heat to the shower water supply. Ecoplay have developed a heat exchanger with a return of up to 50%, which can also be installed separately.

Individual system for each residence

The Ecoplay system is installed separately in each residence.

Quick installation and unlimited application

The Ecoplay system can be installed in any type of house and renovation project. The system uses the empty space above a standard toilet.
The system can be installed quickly. Because it is a ready-to-use modular system, a mechanic can install the system locally and deliver it in 2 hours.

Very safe

Due to the patented ‘safe tube’ the Ecoplay system is very safe, and ensures that the reused shower and bath water never gets in contact with clean drinking water. The safe tube shuts the system down when a water tube for reused shower and bath water is disconnected.

User friendly

The Ecoplay system is simple to use and requires minimal maintenance.

Invaluable in sustainable dwelling

Sustainable building is becoming more eminent. The Ecoplay system fits in perfectly. The system not only saves on water and energy, but also reduces load on the sewage system. Besides that, the system is manufactured from recycled and reusable components and materials.

Water cycle policy

With the water cycle policy a resident is charged for the quantity of sewage water that leaves the house into the sewage system. The Ecoplay system reduces the amount of water that is discarded, which reduces the cost of sewage maintenance. A growing number of municipalities now have water cycle policies. This number will increase over the next years. In the Netherlands this amounts currently to 12% of sewage charges.

Minimal additional cost

The Ecoplay system is marginally more expensive than a regular toilet in new residences. The Ecoplay sytem thus has minimal initial financial consequences, but renders substantial savings on cost and the environment.

Households in cities can save 30% of their drinking water.

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