How is the Ecoplay system installed?


Pipe installation

The Ecoplay system requires a minimal modification of the piping installation. The supply pipe is placed between the drain of the tub and shower drains. In case of a second toilet a supply pipe must be placed. The patented Ecoplay solution is called Safe Tube.

Pre-assembled system

The complete system is pre-assembled and delivered in two modules; the frame and the rest of the Ecoplay system. With a few plugs the parts are attached on the wall.

Additional amenities

For mains voltage for the purpose of the system only a double wall socket 220 is needed in the toilet room.

The finishing touch

In the choice of the finishing the occupant is unlimited. Because the Ecoplay system has to be accessible, we recommend a removable or hinged panel from above the toilet bowl. The whole can be finished in the same way as a standard toilet. The wall panel can easily be tiled or plastered. You can also opt for a specially designed front panel.

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