How does Ecoplay work?

For the user, the Ecoplay-system works the same as a regular toilet, but saves considerably on water and energy.
The Ecoplay-system consists of a cleaning tank and a storage tank, in which the cleaned water is stored.
By a built-in microprocessor (ECU) the system monitors the users behavior. The amount of flush water is adjusted to the frequency of shower water supply, and the frequency of toilet flushing. In this way optimal benefit is achieved.
Significant modules of the system are the ECU (Ecoplay Control Unit), the cleaning tank, the storage tank and the heat exchanger.

Ecoplay Control Unit

A built-in microprocessor guards the quality of the stored water. This ECU observes the behavior of the users (frequency of bathing and showering, and of toilet flushing) and monitors how long water is stored. If for instance the users are on holiday, the stored water is discarded to prevent ageing, and the water is replaced with fresh water.

Cleaning tank

In the cleaning tank the water from bath and shower is collected and cleaned. A skimmer removes lighter particles, such as foam, soap and hair. Heavier particles, such as sand grains, sink to the bottom, and these are periodically drained to the sewer system.
A relatively clean body of water is saved and transferred to the storage tank for the flushing of toilets.
In this unique and patented concept there are no filters to be maintained or replaced.

Storage tank

After the water has been cleaned, it is moved to the 100 liter storage tank.
Toilet flushing will use the water from this tank, after which it is discarded to the sewage system.

Shower heat exchange

The warm water from the shower is led as quickly as possible to the Ecoplay-system, and is first passed through the integrated heat exchanger to reclaim the heat for warming up the new shower water.
The heat exchanger is a fully secured device, that reuses the heat from water optimally. Through a specific and patented structure the device reaches high returns.

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