Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find a number of frequently asked questions about the Ecoplay system. If your question is not here, you can contact us.

What savings does the Ecoplay system render?

The Ecoplay system delivers savings of up to 30 % on tapwater usage. Besides that is saves up to 50 % of energy usage, and it provides less sewage, which leads to more saving on energy and effluent charge.

Does the Ecoplay system use a lot of space?

No, the system is installed in the empty space behind the toilet, and therefore uses hardly more space than a standard build-in toilet.

Does the Ecoplay system come with warranty?

Yes, there is a 1 year warranty on the whole system and 5 year warranty on parts.

Is there any risk of legionella?

No. First, a toilet is not an aerosol dispenser. Besides that, the Ecoplay system keeps the water fresh and moving, so that no legionella can grow.

If a malfunction occurs, does the system have to be broken down?

No. The system is accessible by dismounting the front panel. Should the system temporarily be out of order you can still use the toilet in the normal way.

Does the Ecoplay system have to be finished in a particular way?

No, the front panel can be finished in the same way as a normal build-in toilet. The front panel may for instance be covered with tiles or paint structure. You may also choose a specially designed front panel for a personal touch.

Why should I choose to buy an Ecoplay system?

The Ecoplay system does not only save on your water consumption, but also on energy usage. Lower costs for sewage use and cleaning, lower footprint in the environment, making it an investment for the future.

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